Commitment Isn’t Always Convenient

 |  Unicity

Lori Schultz has been a Certified Personal Trainer for eight years. She’s helped countless people turn their lives around physically and emotionally. When clients come into her gym, they expect to learn from someone who practices what they preach.

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So when Lori found herself more than 50 pounds overweight after having her third child, she was well aware of the contradicting message she was sending her clients. She was demanding commitments out of them, without keeping many of those same commitments herself.

“I felt like a failure, and the road to success seemed so very far away,” she said. “The crazy thing is: I knew better. Over the years I had helped so many people realize why they had lost control and how to overcome it, and yet I lost control for the same reasons.”

Lori felt depressed, lacked confidence, and was exhausted. She was trying to motivate clients to improve their health and fitness level, but she wasn’t exercising regularly or following health eating habits.

Her parents—who had previously found success through the Get Slim Now Transformation—suggested the program to her. She had seen their success, but was skeptical.

“I was excited to get started,” she said. “But being a trainer for the last eight years I thought I knew it all. Boy was I wrong!”

While Lori brought a lot of expertise to her 13-week experience, the Unicity coaches were able to not only provide new insights into health, nutrition, and exercise, but they were able to do so in a way that was customized for a working mom of three young children.

“The Transformation took all of the important components of health and put them together,” she said. “It allowed me to focus on what was important.”

With her newfound commitment to herself, her health, and her career, Lori is ready to continue the success she found during the 13-week Transformation. So far she lost 42 pounds, dropped her cholesterol by 34 points, lowered her blood pressure, and slimmed down eight inches around her waist. And she’s well on her way along the road to success.

“Because of the Get Slim Now Transformation Program I am able to be the confident trainer and role model I need to be!”

You can watch a video featuring her achievements below: