Jim Fobair

Jim Fobair has an extensive history in the network marketing industry, and has served as a distributor, consultant, teacher, and mentor. His wisdom, experience, and willingness to help has helped him achieve such great success.

He’s built two separate million-member downlines in the past, and is on his way to doing it again with Unicity as a Triple Diamond. His simple, replicable system has helped countless people find success with Unicity and build their own teams. His insights and experience make him a valuable member of the Unicity team.


Eun Ju Lee and Yeong-Geun Ko

Eun-Ju started as a Unicity Franchise Partner like anyone else, and her business wasn’t always busy. She started out slowly, and she even had years where her business didn’t grow at all. But instead of giving up on her dreams because she didn’t see immediate results, Eun-Ju worked through the obstacles in her path.

“People sometimes ask me why I stayed in the business for so long without having much success,” she said. “I guess it wasn’t that hard for me, since I’ve always had big dreams.”


Kyong Ho Lee and Suk Ja Kim

An old expression says that wise birds select the trees they use to build their nests, and Kyong-Ho took that philosophy to heart when he decided to join Unicity as a Franchise Partner.

Before Unicity, Kyong-Ho had leadership experience from working as a manager at a leading enterprise company, but Unicity encouraged him to work for the success of others as well. He really saw his business take off when his own wife partnered with him, and they each put their talents and skills to work.

“I saw a breakthrough in my business when my wife Suk-Ja Kim joined in with me,” he said. “We each have different abilities that contribute to the business so well. I’m more about the strategy, and my wife excels with working with groups and building close relationships.”


Phartchai Rueansit

Khun Mortan grew up in the northern part of Thailand, in Chiangrai. He earned his Master’s Degree in Hospital Administration and had a successful career in the public sector with the Ministry of Public Health.
But he didn’t want to stop there; he wanted to extend his dream to do something more. Unicity was that opportunity to do more and to achieve even greater success.

For him, his goal is to live his dreams, and he’s currently living many of them. He has helped his family live a prosperous life—bringing them pride and financial freedom.
“Think differently and you will see what others can’t see,” he said. “Your life is what you choose for yourself.”


Aaron Webber

Aaron Webber is not new to direct sales. In fact, he’s been in the industry for more than 30 years—including working on the corporate side. Eventually, he decided it was time for him to leave corporate life to become a Unicity distributor.

Throughout his life, he’s studied the psychological and sociological factors that impact spending decisions, motivation, and peoples’ choices and actions—which has helped him grow his business.

Mr. Webber believes everyone should be their own wellspring of inspiration, setting and achieving their own meaningful milestones along their personal road to success. Help from the outside is part of the process, but the drive has to come from within.


Unicity’s focus on personal and professional growth develops within our distributors the confidence, respect, satisfaction, and the physical and financial freedom they need to truly Make Life Better.

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