Mr. Chavich Sae-Kim

Joe grew up in Bangkok working in construction. It didn’t take long for him to realize he didn’t like being an employee. He wanted to dream and to be independent.

Since joining Unicity, he has moved up the ranks to become a Triple Diamond—and is certainly living his dreams. A car enthusiast, Khun Joe owns several luxury and high-performance vehicles. He is excited for others to see similar success.

“Don’t dream small,” he said. “There is no limit to your dream. Dreams are free. There’s nothing to lose, so it’s good to start now.”



Jin Hee Park

Mr. Jin Hee Park has been at the forefront of the tremendous growth Unicity has experienced in Korea. His partnership with Unicity has not only helped him develop into a passionate leader, but has also allowed him to help thousands of others achieve success as well.

One of the first Unicity distributors to reach the rank of Crown Diamond, his drive has always been to help others. He said, “Success is in our reach. And the little things you do will bring success even closer.”

His business continues to grow due to a strong foundation of teamwork, communication, and trust.



Ms. Park, Mi Ju

Ms. MiJu Park of Korea knows how to work hard and work smart, and her achievements with Unicity reflect that. MiJu quickly worked her way up to Unicity’s high rank of Crown Diamond. Looking back, MiJu doesn’t believe she could have accomplished as much as she did without her immense drive and dedication to her work.

“Sometimes when people want to achieve a higher rank, they put themselves into a mold that they think will help them advance, but instead they need to expand their efforts and past experiences,” she said.



Young Ha Lee

Young-Ha understands the necessity of paving her own way, but she also follows the system Unicity has in place. She firmly believes that in order to achieve the rank advancements others have obtained, one has to be willing to go through the same steps. Young-Ha knows that everyone encounters challenges, but she also says that there are no shortcuts in the business.

“Franchise Partners will experience success at different levels and at different times, but when people don’t see success at all, it is because they did not accurately follow the system already set in place,” she said.


Unicity’s focus on personal and professional growth develops within our distributors the confidence, respect, satisfaction, and the physical and financial freedom they need to truly Make Life Better.

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