Rasa Comeban

Rasa Comeban came from humble beginnings to become Unicity’s first distributor to reach the rank of Crown Diamond. Her success has allowed her to take care of her family and build a tremendous team with members who are also seeing great success.

Perhaps most notably, Khun Rasa bought a hotel—Rasa Boutique Hotel—in her native Thailand after reaching the rank of Crown Diamond. It’s a place where family, friends, and others can gather to enjoy the luxury of the hotel and the company of one another.

At the 2012 Global Leadership Convention in Korea, she said, “Success can be passed down to those we sponsor. My dream is for all of us to share the dream together.”


Jin Ok Lee and Ki Jun Kim

Mrs. Jin Ok Lee and Mr. Ki Jun Kim attribute their success to hard work, lots of practice, and helping leaders work together. Mrs. Lee has always been impressed with Unicity’s passion and willingness to help others succeed.

After achieving the rank of Crown Diamond, she told the thousands gathered in Korea at the 2012 Global Leadership Convention, “The first thing on our mind when we open our eyes in the morning is success.”

She feels a positive and determined mindset has helped her find so much success with Unicity. She continues to help others on her team work hard and practice, so they may find the success they’re looking for.



Mr. Yu, Yong Geun & Mrs. Cho, Mi Kyong

Although Crown Diamond Yong-Geun Yu describes himself as an average man, his accomplishments are anything but. Yong-Geun has an exceptional sense for business because people listen to him and trust his decisions, and also because he also knows the value of hard work. Yong-Geun understands that success happens when it’s worked for, and that the support he lends others can help them achieve their goals.

“It’s not possible to succeed simply by wishing for it,” he said. “And it also doesn’t help to hope your team succeeds. You have to help them.”



Mr. Rick Jordan

After sitting on the board of directors of a company involved in network marketing, Rick Jordan decided he wanted to join the business as a distributor. He reviewed many companies and decided to join Unicity in January of 1993.
Mr. Jordan became Unicity’s first North American Crown Diamond, and Rick also runs several other successful businesses.

“To live your dreams you must create your vision, have passion for your vision, articulate your vision, and then relentlessly pursue your vision to completion,” he said. “It may be difficult at times and people might discourage you; but when it gets hard you have to still look toward your vision and complete it.”



Unicity’s focus on personal and professional growth develops within our distributors the confidence, respect, satisfaction, and the physical and financial freedom they need to truly Make Life Better.

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