Our Promise

Financial independence can only do so much if poor health and an ailing body keep you from fulfilling your aspirations. You can’t buy your way to the top of a mountain, or to the finish line of a triathlon, or to confidence in your physique.

And while excellent health is a fine objective, it certainly shouldn’t be the final objective. A fit vessel is the only way to fully experience new adventures and the luxuries of life. But, of course, adventure and luxury don’t come free.

That’s why the business opportunity from Unicity continues to attract so many around the world. Our distributors improve their health and build their wealth as a stepping stone to even grander ambitions—unique to their own passions, relationships, and desires.

Celebrate You

Unicity is dedicated to providing meaningful, exciting, and timely acknowledgment of the extraordinary accomplishments of each of our Franchise Partners. As you continually work toward your individual aspirations, we are committed to rewarding you and encouraging you to achieve even more.

The Chairman’s Club is the most prestigious group for Unicity Franchise Partners and includes VIP treatment at all official Unicity events and collectively more than $1.6 million in lifestyle bonuses.

Qualifying for the President’s Club gives you a taste of what Unicity has in store as you develop professionally and build your business. Invitations to private Unicity events, public recognition, and other special treatments await you.

The initial ranks for Unicity Franchise Partners bring with them significant tools to help you build your business, as well as public recognition.