Carrine Cheonh Lay Peng

I believe in the company, The unipower system, the leaders and strongly believe in my team! The success of my team and I is guaranteed because we are working with the 4 partners. I can do it, We can do it! My dream is to touch hundreds and thousands of lives to support; help them achieve their goals, optimal health, financial and time freedom. Every little thing we do and believe can impact lives. They become positive when we are positive! I will never have such a strong stand 16 months ago when I was still helping my husband in his automobile parts upgrade company. Happy life Project had transformed my life. I called on the universe to have many lives transformed for the better. My word, My integrity – is my power. Take actions and anything is possible! Thank you Unicity, the Make Life Better company that promises everyone to look better, feel better and live better. Thank you Unipower especially to leaders, p. ruby Mr. Lim Eng hai and Ruby, Shalina Ismail for their big heart and love. My gratitude to my sponsor who opened up the door for me to take on the happy life project. As my favourite saying goes, “Team wins, WE WIN!” Are you willing to be part of my journey to the many Winnings that touches others’ Lives? I BET YOU WILL!


Heng Yih Jer

My journey with Unicity began quite unexpectedly with a medical condition which I discovered during a medical checkup for life insurance in 2012 – I had fatty liver. 2 out of 3 insurance companies rejected my application. I started taking Bios Life Slim in Aug 2012 after introduction by Mr Ng Kian Seng on the efficacy of the products. About a month later, my blood test results show dramatic improve¬ment. By the end of the year, my fatty liver conditions were normalized. I got my health back in order. Family bonding was strengthened. I also saw great potentials in developing this distribution business overseas. My wife, Joan and I first approach our friend Ibu Imelda and her daughter Stephanie. Now Ibu Imelda has secured the first Indonesia DSC in Makassar. We would like to thank Khun Joe and Mr Lim Eng Hai for their guidance and support and the rest of the team. The friendship and trust that we have built is life-long. The experience I have gained thus far has been very rewarding. More challenges are expected along the way. But with patience, authenticity and integrity, we will emerge stronger after every storm. I look forward to working with my friends and comrades to build this business in various parts of the world.


Joan Lim Lee Lee

First and foremost I would like to thank Presidential Ruby Lim Eng Hai for showing me the door to this great opportunity of a lifetime – I love you lots! My success today as Presidential Director will not be possible if not for the 4 partners: UNICITY for its great management support and world class products; The proven success system UNIPOWER – the GPS for my success; THE TEAM, In Unicity/Unipower, there is only One Team with a common value that is “Love for one another” “one for all and all for one” and Myself – for choosing and having the vision to succeed in the happy life project. I also like to thank Khun Chavich Kim, a man with big heart. He sees me every day through my BB other than my mentor Presidential Ruby Eng Hai. They are my rich dads who taught me great values in life. Last but not least I thank GOD for helping me to see my purpose in life and for giving me such fulfillment through the Happy Life Project. I live on this mission everyday – “To better the lives of others is one of life greatest rewards”. Thank you God for Unicity, Unipower and Team.