Introducing Unicity 5-5-3

At Unicity, we believe in building people both physically and financially. Our financial mission is to help hundreds of thousands of people earn $1,000 a month. We realize this doesn’t happen overnight. In order to help our business partners reach their $1K goal, we want to help everyone hit $500 over the summer. That’s our challenge: over the next 3 months, June-August, earn $500 or more each month.

Now, realize that you’re not alone. Starting June, we will be working with Unicity’s top leaders to put together short training videos on how to earn $500 a month through retailing and enrolling. You’ll learn how to maximize Prime Rallies and how to create customers for life.

Each month, we’ll recognize those who are up for the challenge on our website and by email. In addition, at the end of the summer you will officially be recognized as a 5-5-3 leader.

In addition, we’ll have special offers and promotions for those who are part of the challenge. Plus, in the middle of July, we’ll be rolling out a new limited-time offer specifically for those participating in the 5-5-3 Challenge.


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Are you ready to get started? Submit your name, email address, and ID number, then you’re ready to go. Be sure to sign up with the email address that you use to log into Unicity Office. Throughout the summer, we’ll keep you up to date on special offers, recognition, and product specials. What do you say? This summer add a little heat to your Unicity business. Join the challenge.