Your body is constantly working to find equilibrium—balancing blood sugar levels, balancing digestion, balancing fat reserves. Instability in your body leads to weight gain and fatigue, as well as long-term threats like heart disease and diabetes. UNICITYBALANCE is specially formulated to help your body find that equilibrium—providing the freedom you need to achieve your life’s ambitions.


How to use:
Getting the full benefit of Balance is easy. Just mix a packet with 8 to 10 ounces of water and drink 10 to 15 minutes before your two biggest meals of the day. Doing so will help:

  1. Curb hunger so you eat less and feel full longer
  2. Promote optimal fat loss
  3. Slow glucose absorption into the blood stream
  4. Offset the carbohydrates you consume
  5. Support healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels


When you eat, you should ideally take in only what you need. Efficient meals provide you with all the nutrients and sustenance you need, without unnecessary fillers and without slowing you down. UNICITYCOMPLETE sustains your body with the fuel you need to go about your day, and when taken in the morning, helps jumpstart your metabolism.

A protein-rich meal, Complete is an effective meal replacement and includes natural fibers, vitamins, and minerals to ensure a fit, energized, and well-nourished body.


How to use:
Complete is the perfect way to start your morning. Whether mixed in the blender each morning with fresh fruit, or shaken up with a nice tall glass of milk, two scoops of Complete will help:

  1. Provide 20 grams of high-quality protein, as well as beneficial fiber, to keep you feeling full, build lean muscle mass, and provide energy without causing large spikes in insulin levels
  2. Ensure you’re getting 100% of your recommended daily intake of many essential vitamins and minerals


Your resolve should not be limited by your physical energy and your dreams should not be inhibited by your mental energy. Your life’s ambitions cannot be held up by fatigue or exhaustion. UNICITYMATCHA aim to energize your body and mind—giving you the vitality and clarity you need to fully experience life.

Matcha contains carefully selected, ceremonial-grade Japanese Chi-Oka Matcha rich in antioxidants and other vital nutrients. It’s formulated to increase energy and mental concentration, as well as burn fat.


How to use:
Whenever you need it—as a midday snack or for an energy boost—mix a sachet of Matcha with 8 to 10 ounces of water and enjoy! Doing so will help:

  1. Increase alertness and focus
  2. Add vitality and harmony to your mind and body
  3. Relieve stress and improve concentration
  4. Contribute to healthy energy-yielding metabolism
  5. Contribute to the protection of cell constituents from oxidative damage


It’s important to regularly cleanse your body, especially when embarking on a new, healthier lifestyle. UNICITYLIFIBER provides ample high-quality dietary fiber and herbs that are beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract. LiFiber includes 29 different herbs that supply both insoluble and soluble fiber. Studies indicate that soluble fiber may help reduce blood cholesterol, while insoluble fiber passes quickly through the digestive system and helps clear the colon of toxins and other wastes.*

LiFiber*Because of local restrictions, instead of LiFiber, California residents will receive additional Balance. 

How to use:
LiFiber is a psyllium-based powder drink that can be added to water or your Complete shake, and should be taken daily at breakfast. Doing so will help:

  1. Supply the body with soluble and insoluble fiber
  2. Clear the colon of toxins and other wastes
  3. Reduce blood cholesterol
  4. Assist weight loss goals by providing a full feeling