It also contains extracts from

    • Noni Fruit Powder: 300 mg
    • Citrus Pectin (Citrus grandis (L.) Osbeck) Complex: 600mg
    • Hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L.) Flower Powder: 200mg
    • Premix Herb Lifiber
    • a) Cinnamon Bark Powder: 70mg
    • b) Licorice Root Powder: 50mg
    • c) Aloe Vera: 10 mg
    • d) Barley Grass Powder: 10 mg
    • e) Garlic Bulb: 10 mg
    • f) Ginger Root Powder: 10 mg
    • g) Papaya Fruit Powder: 10 mg
    • h) Pumpkin Seed: 10 mg
    • i) Cayenne Pepper Powder: 0.1mg

A low-residue diet causes a gluey state that cannot be efficiently processed by the intestines. The colon is the solid waste management organ for the entire body, and mucous and rubber-like waste can easily adhere to the colon walls. The colon is the easiest breeding ground for microorganisms, some of which may be harmful.

Headaches, skin blemishes, bad breath, fatigue, and joint distress can be linked to a congested colon. In addition, colon and bowel problems are a big factor in early aging.

When waste backs up, it becomes toxic and then releases the toxins into the bloodstream. Other elimination organs become overburdened in their detoxification duties, and it’s easy to see why health problems begin. Cleansing your colon lightens the toxic load on every part of your body. In fact, hardly any healing program will work without a colon cleanse as part of it.


Benefits of LiFiber

  • Provides more soluble fiber than oat bran
  • Supplies 5.6 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber per 10 gram serving
  • Helps clear the colon of toxin and other wastes
  • Helps maintain healthy blood cholesterol
  • Assists weight loss goals by providing a full feeling and suppressing appetite



Instruction for Use

1 sachet per day in a glass of 200-300 ml water or your favorite beverage, mix vigorously and drink immediately.

Disclaimer – This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Pregnant and lactating women should check with the physician before using the product.