Rasa Comeban

Rasa Comeban came from humble beginnings to become Unicity’s first distributor to reach the rank of Crown Diamond. Her success has allowed her to take care of her family and build a tremendous team with members who are also seeing great success.

Perhaps most notably, Khun Rasa bought a hotel—Rasa Boutique Hotel—in her native Thailand after reaching the rank of Crown Diamond. It’s a place where family, friends, and others can gather to enjoy the luxury of the hotel and the company of one another.

At the 2012 Global Leadership Convention in Korea, she said, “Success can be passed down to those we sponsor. My dream is for all of us to share the dream together.”


Jin Hee Park

Mr. Jin Hee Park has been at the forefront of the tremendous growth Unicity has experienced in Korea. His partnership with Unicity has not only helped him develop into a passionate leader, but has also allowed him to help thousands of others achieve success as well.

One of the first Unicity distributors to reach the rank of Crown Diamond, his drive has always been to help others. He said, “Success is in our reach. And the little things you do will bring success even closer.”

His business continues to grow due to a strong foundation of teamwork, communication, and trust.



Rick Jordan

Rick came into direct sales from the insurance business. After sitting on the board of directors of a company involved in Network Marketing he decided he wanted to join the business as a distributor. He reviewed many companies and decided on Unicity International and joined in January 1993.

On a part-time basis, Rick has earned over 12 million dollars with Unicity. He has helped many others earn millions of dollars as well.

Rick has achieved the Triple Diamond Level in Unicity, and currently serves on Unicity’s Board of Advisors. Rick also runs several other successful businesses.

Rick is also an accomplished runner, having qualified and run the Boston Marathon many times since 1996.



Dr Yogaraj Alaguraj

Dr.Yogaraj is a qualified Medical Professional. His passion for life and dream of improving the lives of Indians drew him close to Unicity. Dr Yoga’s never give up attitude coupled with his hard work propelled him to great success in becoming Unicity India’s first ever Presidential Diamond.

Dr Yoga’s success teams spread far and wide across India and his motivating trainings are much sought after by one and all.

Dr Yoga’s determination in helping his leaders achieve success is propelling him to greater heights in Unicity.



Chandra Basavaiah

Chandra, a electronics engineer is a proven leader in the Indian Direct Selling Industry. He has been the case of several leaders in India who had been on wrong platforms.

With Unicity giving him the right platform thru its world class products, highly rewarding compensation plan, there is no stopping him. With a strong team comprising of dedicated leaders with motivated teams, Chandra has raced to the Presidential Diamond and along the way helped several of leaders taste success as well.