A Healthy Indulgence

Satisfy is a rich chocolate drink that fulfills your sweet tooth without interfering with your weight loss goals. Satisfy is a delicious way to support healthy blood sugar levels and satiate your mid-day hunger pangs. When you’re trying to lose or maintain weight, it can be difficult to resist the inevitable sweet tooth that strikes after meals. Rather than completely break away from healthy habits by indulging in very unhealthy desserts, you can satiate that craving with a high-fiber, low glycemic impact dessert like Satisfy!

With four grams of Unicity’s exclusive fiber blend, seven B vitamins to support healthy metabolism, and a rich chocolate flavor, Satisfy is the delicious dessert or snack you crave without the guilt!


How It Works

By slowing the rate your body turns food into glucose, high-fiber supplements like Satisfy effectively limit the amount of insulin needed. This means instead of turning all that glucose in your body into more fat, your body will efficiently use that glucose for energy. In addition, when fiber is taken before meals, your body will enter a fat-burning state after eating by generating glucagon, which works to raise low blood sugar levels by breaking down current fat stores.

When blood glucose levels are stabilized, the body can turn existing free fatty acids and triglycerides into energy through the metabolic process lipolysis.

A diet high in fiber also works to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, which removes inhibitors placed on lipolysis, further encouraging your body to burn away existing fat stores in between meals

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